I have published two full-length Science Fiction novels. They are available online at Smashwords [Please see links] and other online retailers in various formats.

Red Moon

Who can you trust?

Doctor Daniel Ellerton is Science fiction novel: Red Moon. Part two of The Rotar Trilogychasing down the source of a killer virus and is running out of time. As war breaks out between old rivals, his field agents set off in search of who is behind various acts of sabotage and assassination. Murder, suicide and the execution of a psychopath don’t make his investigations any easier. The trail of treachery, conspiracy, and greed lead him to Host, the biggest man-made space station in history, where there are more unexplained deaths. So who is the real enemy, and who is Host Administrator Cornwallis really working for?

Meanwhile, more than three hundred years after the first book in the trilogy, Queen Nergal on the Tircon moon city of Kado is taunted by her view of Earth. Has her time now come?…

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The Sands of Rotar

Nature is not the enemy.

Another three hundred yearsScience fiction novel: The Sands of Rotar. Part three of The Rotar Trilogy have passed since Red Moon, and survivors of a catastrophic war live in massive desert enclaves, protected by huge embattlements. Several of these isolated cities share trade, technology, piracy, and mutual suspicion. Garth Orloch is not happy, but he doesn’t know why. When his brother-in-law is framed and left to die out in the desert, Orloch begins a personal journey in search of the truth.

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