Guide to responses

Rebids by responder range from a “sign off” with 6-9 points, a raise or takeout at the next level with 10-12 points, to more ambitious offerings to show 13-15 points. Above this remember that he will already have signalled this with his first response to an opening bid—a jump takeout.

Sign off rebids showing 6-9

On his rebid responder will pass unless he is required to show preference:

Here are some examples of weak rebids by responder showing 6-9 points:

1] South as responder
♠ A J 8 6
9 7 4
10 8
♣ Q 8 5 3


South has to choose between s and s. With the above hand he responds 2s on his rebid. His “preference” bid does not constitute a raise nor does it show additional values.

If South instead had only two hearts, but three diamonds then s would be the preferred suit and he would pass, leaving the partnership in a 2 contract. If South had five spades and, say, doubletons in hearts and diamonds he might well bid 2♠ on his second response to show his long suit as a negative preference.

In the next hand, South has a long, if weak spade holding:

2] South as responder
♠ Q 10 9 6 5 4
7 3
K 8
♣ 9 4 2

The following three bidding sequences show South is only ‘correcting’ the proposed partnership contract. Note that a preference bid and a correcting bid can agree a partner’s suit with as few as two-card support:

Stronger rebids showing 10-15

With stronger hands South will not pass.

1] South as responder
♠ A Q J 8 7
10 2
K J 4
♣ J 8 3


South’s No Trump bid indicates a stop in the unmentioned suit (s) and a specific point count. In this case 2NT shows 10-12 points. Incidentally 3NT would have shown 13-15 points.

2] South as responder
♠ A J 9 3
7 6
K 10 9 6 3
♣ Q 8


South shows his longest suit first, and then jumps to a ♠ raise to show 10-12 points.

3 ] South as responder
♠ A J 10 7
Q J 8 5
K Q 10
♣ 8 4


With 13-15 points South first bids a 1♠ takeout as a Delayed Game Raise. North repeats his suit as he has a five-carder. South takes him to Game in hearts.

Summary for responder’s rebid

1] If North raises his suit on the rebid to the next available level, South will respond as follows:

PointsSouth's rebid options are:
6-9Pass or rebid a good 6-carder
10-12Raise opener below game level
Bid 2NT
Bid a new suit (Game will depend on fit)
13-15Raise direct to Game
Bid a new suit
Reverse bid
Jump shift a good 6-carder
Bid 3NT
Fourth suit forcing, see below

2] If North bids a new suit on his rebid at the  minimum level:

PointsSouth's rebid options are:
6-9Show preference by passing, or responding at the lowest level
10-12Raise the new suit, or raise the first bid suit

3] If North bids 1NT on his rebid following a suit opener, this shows 15-16 points. If he reverse bids two suits this shows opener has 16-19 points. The rebid by responder is fairly straight forward.
4] If opener bids 2NT on his rebid this is the Wolff Convention (see below).
5] If opener makes a jump shift continue bidding until Game is reached.

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By Nigel Benetton – based on the UK Acol Bridge Bidding System

Last updated: Saturday, 8th May 2021